Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We made it!

In Kyiv, we got yelled at mostly in Ukrainian for 20 stressful minutes about a stamp missing in the kids' passport. In Paris the security line took us 1 and a half hours, putting us dangerously close to our connecting flight's departure time, and we arrived home to an ice storm, taking us 2 hours to get home from the airport. Who CARES? WE ARE HOME!!!!

I'm thinking a beautiful friend from Delta worked some magic, and got us upgraded to BUSINESS CLASS for the ride home. Have you ever ridden in business class internationally? It was heaven. Vadim had a personal movie screen with video games. They waited on us hand and foot. Before the plane took off, the flight attendant handed me a freaking mimosa. It made me so happy that I literally busted out crying over the mimosa. Vadim loved it too, He's had a very hard few days with all the running around for paperwork, grueling lines and waiting and flying etc., and he appreciated being pampered like that so much. If you are reading this Jerlilyn, you are my favorite person ever.

Vadim is so happy. About 2 hours before we landed, he put his hand on my face and smiled, and said in his darling little accent, "You are my family, and I am American boy."

I don't think I've ever been happier in my life than last night. The Bottos and Oksana and Kristen and Todd, mom, and Jake were at the airport with signs and cheering. Lots of crying and hugging. Then, my dad, Jill, Ab and Hutch came over with pizza, and I told them stories about Ukraine until I passed out about 9:00.

I love my tiny home. It seems ENORMOUS and Oh so very wonderfully clean. Jake and mom put up decorations and made more signs. Jake is even more beautiful and funny and wonderful than I've been remembering him. The boys laughed together right up until bedtime. They are so happy to be together.

Thank you for following my blog, your encouragement, and most importantly your prayers. I appreciate you being along for the ride and helping me hang on as God saved Vadim.


Julie said...

It sounds like heaven on earth!
Merry Christmas!
Julie and Bryan

Kimbell said...

hey mama of two. i thought i just posted something - but it didn't show up! SO GLAD you are home. What a great Christmas gift to see Vadim on American soil FOR GOOD! Merry Christmas!

Kimbell said...

oh and maybe this was in post that got "lost" - Anastasia and Vadim were arranging to get together so let us know when you would like for us to take him off your hands for a few hours. We'll be in town for the holidays. ANd so will YOU!

Kerri said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to your precious family of 4! The smile on V's face is a memory that I'll be thankful for forever! I'd love to get together sometime soon!

Laurel said...

WooooooooHooooooooooooo - now can move your photo from the home page of our website to the sucess stories!!!! CONGRATULATIONS and tell that little American boy that I love him!

ksm said...

If you could see the tears of joy and relief and happiness and pride and support in my eyes, Robin. THe four of you are the bravest, most precious family ever. I love you all and we cannot wait to see you. Welcome home. You have been missed so very much.

k woo said...

Oh man, tearing up on the "I'm an American boy" comment and his hands on your face. Oh my! It is truly amazing that he is your son now. I am in awe. You guys are really pulling at my heart strings to adopt again. I am so happy for your family. What a Christmas miracle. And Jake and Vadim at the airport together were absolutely precious. They way they look at each other...oh, you an just see that they adore each other. Blessings to all of you!


adopting2fromUkraine said...

YAAAYYY!! Doesn't it feel good to be home? My bed NEVER felt so good!!

MERRY CHRISTmas! Welcome home!

Thank you for letting us share your journey:)